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Corporate Douments Vote Successful Posted April 21st, by AJ4MQ  The unofficial results are of 40 people present, 30 were active members (paid and free), 29 voted, and all votes Yes to approve all document changes as listed. Will update with official results as soon as I get them. The new version is available at New Calendar Added!! Posted April 18th, by AJ4MQ For those who keep up with our calendars, I have just added the Volusia ARES calendar. To add this to your calendar, click on the +Google Calendar and you can add it to your account! If you know of any other Google Calendars of Amateur Radio Interest, please let me know. I would love to add them also. Hamfest list updated this week also.. Elmers and noobies net 8pm on Sundays! Posted April 14th, by NW0LF The purpose of the net is to provide a place for new hams to practice talking on the air, develop good operating procedures and get comfortable with their equipment.  It is also an open forum net to ask questions on anything ham radio related.  Come one, come all and have some fun, get enlightened and exercise the repeater!  Just a note, there will be no net on Easter Sunday, 4/20 Mini-Field Day - Flagler-Palm Coast ARC. Posted April 14th, by Bill Schwartz Public is welcome to event. May 3, 2014    10 AM until 4 PM East of Woody’s Barbeque in parking lot. Woody’s will be open for breakfast and lunch. We will have a high frequency digital station, a high frequency voice and morse code station capable of working the world.  There will also be a VHF-UHF  FM and digital voice station. We will debut software to be used on the big field day on June 28 and 29, bring your laptop to get loaded and learn how to log with computers. Come and operate for a while. There will also be a ham radio equipment “tailgate”.  Bring your surplus radio gear and maybe someone else will need it!. For more information contact Chairman George, KD2AU,  at 1-917-848-5411   or Equipment for Sale! by AE4WG Posted April 15th, by Warren Greenberg Kenwood TS-850S with 2.7KHZ roofing filters,the broadcast band mod has also been done also included  is a LCU3-K level converter for CAT control,and a MFJ-297 desk microphone with MFJ-5397K cable. (The mic has a broken PTT button but it still works) $800 MFJ-929 Intellituner (200 watt auto tuner) $100  These items can be picked up in Ormond Beach or I can deliver.  Warren E. Greenberg  AE4WG Hambone: General class on hold Posted April 12th, by AJ4MQ  By the sounds of it, I wasn’t the only one to arrive to a locked gate this morning looking into the General Class by Hambone College.. and for this, I apologize.. Unfortunately, I was under the impression it was going to happen.. but as usual, I wasn’t informed of the final decision made.. Today’s class (and possibly the General Class for 2014) is either being rescheduled, or canceled due to lack of a teacher.. Captain tried to get someone for it, but we weren’t able to locate one in time. In the past, this method has worked fine, but keeping everything in order has proven to be more difficult. Currently, we are in need of teachers for the Amateur Radio Exam Prep classes, and someone to manage and operate Hambone College so it can continue forth. If anyone is interested in this persiut, and has the time, please contact me at or Captain LoCicero at As soon as I hear anything about these classes, I will get it posted here and on Equipment for Sale! by WS1C Posted April 7th, by Bill Schwartz   or 386-283-4017       Yaesu FT- 817   excellent condition with accessories, battery, Cell holder, AC charger, DC cable , book, box, PGM  software. $500 Drake TR-4  W/Drake speaker - PS, new caps. mike, spare finals & other  tubes, Relay and socket, book, 150W output measured $400 Yaesu  ATAS- 120   automatic antenna W/ homebrew  mount  n 370 $200 Bird 43 with N connectors, 100E UHF slug $200 IC-T-90  Excellent with box and accessories  50, 144, 440 HT $150 Mirage B108    tested 10=78, 5=60 W/preamp $70 Dummy load  to  900Mhz  -  100W CW   500W PEP  $50 Garmin GPS-76 w/ external antenna $40 Micromatch  HF wattmeter  10-100-1000W, forward-reflected $40 Astron RS-12   13.6V 12 A linear PS     OK for 50W VHF-UHF $30 Sola 120V 1000W ferro- resonant regulator $20 Powerstat Q116 9A 120V 1000VA  variable transformer $20 Pro Mariner 30A marine 3 battery charger $20 Insignia DTV receiver with remote $20 Workman   UV325 dualband –NMO  new   146=1.5, 440=1.5 $20 Larsen Kulrod  5/8 w/magmount  7 cable BNC  145=1.15 $15 Antenna Spec.  magmount   2m 5/8  w/ UHF cable  148=1.1 $15 Unknown 5/8  Spring mount   excellent w/UHF cable 146=1.1 $15 CB magmount modified for 10 meters with UHF cable $15 Uniden Bearcat BC-200XLT  with charger $15 HF VSWR bridges, Motorola, Heath, Swan, Amer. Elect, each $10 Texscan/Theta Comm 7272 VHF Signal level meter   $10 Hombrew Power supply 13.6V 4.5A  w/powerpoles $10 Hombrew  power supply 13.6V 4.0A  w/powerpoles $10 Netgear WNR834B & Linksys BEFW1154 wireless routers,both $10 Data switches, 2 way, one 4 way db-25 both for $10 Garmin GPSMAP 168, not working,  DC cable, data cable, AC supply, book $10   or  386-283-4017         
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Three successful years of monthly testing! Updated April 10th, by Tom “NW0LF “ Bilello In 3 years of monthly VE testing, there has been only 1 session where there was no test candidates.  We have had candidates from all over Florida and from Georgia and have helped make many new hams.  We have also helped many upgrade their license.  I would like to thank the entire VE team because without them, the testing would not be nearly as successful as it has been.  A toast to our continued success. ------ April 2014 - 5 Candidates, 2 Passed Upgrades to Extra 3 new hams, 2 Technicians, 1 General Congrats, Candidates! -- To check on your new callsigns, I recommend this is about the fastest, and easiest to use. Water Bouy Project Posted March 17th, by AJ4MQ   (to be updated) Captain LoCicero has been putting together a Water Bouy project for the kids, to be placed in the Gulf of Mexico to report information such as temperature, wave heights, flow direction and other information usable for scientific research. Will post more as soon as I get it. Parts Needed! by AJ4MQ Posted April 8th, by AJ4MQ (updated) I am putting together a special Hambone College Electronics class, and I need some parts to make it happen.. I am looking for old units being tossed for donation: VCRs LCD Monitors (new) Old PCs, Laptops (new) If you have other kind of older electronics (hand-soldered components, ICs and such), please let me know. I picked up a box of Modems a few years back which have some microprocessors of interest, and some other parts. First class in electronics 102 will utilize parts of a VCR to create testing equipment for your home bench, and if all goes well, will all go together to make a home spectrum analyzer device in the long run. Something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while.. Now that I have the space to work on the idea, it’s probably gonna happen. My area is located near International and the tracks, but I can pick up from just about anywhere in East Volusia County.. Thanks. - Jeff Mathews (AJ4MQ) AJ4MQ Plea for help. We need writers Posted March 17th by AJ4MQ Please, anyone who can help me get things posted online, I can only make about 3 meetings a year, and I almost never hear from anyone about practically anything going on near by. I am looking for anything to post, particularly related to amateur radio, including but not limited to emergency response, radio fox hunting, Amateur Television, Hambone College and any other special projects where the amateur radio community may be interested in. Once submitted and authorized, I will post it here for all to see, and people are dropping by. Please send your info to I will be happy to get them.
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