Club Elections

August 17th, 2017 by

We are in the process of seeking Nominees for the Board of Directors of the Daytona Beach Amateur Radio Association.

Our Nominating Committee, Linda Straubel and Diane Balber are currently contacting voting members.

Positions not up for election (Unless they are elected to a higher office):

(2018) NW0LF – Tom Bilello
(2018) KA1G – Ed Cote
? (2018) WD3B – Dennis Burgoyne

Positions up for elections and current nominees:

Club President:
KS4GD – Jon Rutledge

Club Vice-President:
N9HF – David R. Kerl

Club Treasurer:
WD3B – Dennis Burgoyne

Club Secretary:
KI4VWP – Carolyn Truesdale

Director Positions: (2 open…)

K4TUG – Captain John Locicero
KA4NHH – Kerry Dunham
KA4WDK – Arthur Byrnes


This is the information taken from the Ballot designed for our elections coming soon.. Please contact the club to make sure you are eligible to vote. This will be difficult to confirm once we’ve arrived at the meeting. If your name was printed on the recent club-member sign-in sheets, you are probably ok.