Duff’s set to close at South Daytona’s Sunshine Park Mall

For those who may not know, Duff’s Buffet, previously Country Buffet(10’s), American Buffet (late 90’s) and Duffs Smorgasboard (80’s) is closing after normal operating hours Today. This is the location we have had chosen for our Christmas Buffet (as in previous years). We will be discussing other options at the next Regular Meeting. Send your suggestions to contact@dbara.org so we can add them to the list for voting.

SOUTH DAYTONA — After tomorrow, Port Orange resident Terry Blodgett is going to have to make a longer drive to get his weekly fix of fried green tomatoes.

At the close of business Wednesday, the Duff’s Original Buffet restaurant at Sunshine Park Mall in South Daytona is shutting its doors after nearly four decades in business.

“We lost our lease to the Department of Motor Vehicles,” said Duff’s co-owner David Stomber, who purchased the restaurant three years ago with business partner Albert Harris.

Fortunately for Blodgett and the buffet restaurant’s other regular customers, Stomber and Harris also own a Duff’s restaurant at the beachside Bellair Plaza in Daytona Beach, which they opened in April of last year.

Blodgett, a retiree who has eaten at the Duff’s at Sunshine Park Mall at least once a week for the past eight years, said he intends to switch to the Bellair Plaza location after this week.