Ham radio operators grow in strength

The Hindu reports an Amateur Radio Club has been inaugurated at the SRR and CVR Government Degree College

The number of people evincing interest in Ham radio (Amateur Radio) is on the rise across the State of Andhra Pradesh.

The idea of using radio frequency spectrum for purposes of non-commercial exchange of messages, wireless experimentation, self-training, private recreation, radio sport and most importantly, emergency communication is catching up with a good number of people from various walks of life taking to this new passion.

A recent training session in Ham radio evoked good response from students, professors, lecturers and professionals from various other fields. A total of 73 candidates qualified in the Ham radio exam and most of them have received a licence to operate from the Wireless Planning and Coordination wing, Delhi.

Andhra Pradesh region already has an impressive number of Ham operators. The addition of new Hams would turn the State into a hub of HAM activities, said Arza Ramesh Babu (VU2RDM), coordinator, Ham Radio Training Centre.

Principal of SRR and CVR Government Degree College Velaga Joshi inaugurated an Amateur Radio Club in the college on Sunday.

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