Radio Emma Toc celebrates 95th anniv 2MT

On Sunday, February 12 Radio Emma Toc broadcast live from the famous Marconi 2MT Writtle Hut located in Sandford Mill museum

During the “Chelmsford Calling” show presenter Jim Salmon 2E0RMI interviewed several special guests.
These included Pete Sipple M0PSX from Essex Ham, Tim Wander G6GUX Consultant at Sandford Mill and Chelmsford Museums and Christopher Chapman G0IPU Training Coordinator for the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society (CARS).

2017 marks the 95th anniversary of the start of the UK’s first ever regular, advertised broadcast radio station, 2MT, which came live from Writtle in Essex.

To commemorate this anniversary, and to celebrate the young, pioneering team of engineers, the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society are transmitting from the same building from where the original broadcasts commenced. One of their members, Jim Salmon 2E0RMI, is also be operating a three-day (Feb 12-14) internet radio service, Radio Emma Toc, featuring radio related documentaries, vintage comedies and live programmes from various locations.

The first 2MT broadcast started at 7.15pm on February 14, 1922 from an ex-army Marconi hut – a ‘Long Low Hut’ – sited in a waterlogged field in Lawford Lane Writtle. This famous hut is now on permanent display at Sandford Mill, Chelmsford, and can be visited during the open days at the Mill.

On Sunday night Jim 2E0RMI was interviewed very briefly about 2MT on the BBC Radio Five Jane Garvey and Peter Allen show. It is expected to be available at about 2:27:00 into this recording

Essex Ham provided live video streaming from the event on Periscope, check out their site at

Some of the show’s listeners also called “GB95 2MT” which was also operating from the 2MT hut on 7.106 MHz SSB. Among those working the 40m station were members of the Meirion Amateur Radio Society GC4LZP in North Wales.

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“GB95 2MT” Commemorating the 95th Anniversary of the Birth of British Broadcasting

Jim gave a special mention to the British DX Club which was founded 43 years ago, further information on the club is at

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