Radio hams thanked

The Parsons Advocate in West Virginia reports County Commission president Lowell Moore has thanked amateur radio operators for their work

On the last weekend of June, local amateur radio operators – called “hams,” gathered at Camp Kidd in Parsons to participate in Field Day, which takes place each year on the last full weekend in June.

The weekend offers the public the chance to meet with and talk to members of the Mountain State Transmitters and learn about amateur radio. Amateur radio groups across the nation celebrate Field Day and the radio bands are full of hams contacting other hams across the United States, teaching about different modes of radio operations and showing their emergency capabilities.

Tucker County Commission President Lowell Moore visited with the group during this year’s Field Day. He said feels lots of people do not know the quality of the group or the reason for Field Day.

“In an emergency situation, amateur radio can be the only communication we have,” Moore said. “I have never been involved in amateur radio but I have always wanted to. Looking around here, I am happy to see so many people taking an interest in ham radio.”

During Field Day, Tom DiBacco demonstrated satellite amateur radio and Morris Kittle demonstrated using CW.

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