South Africa cancels 2,100 Ham Radio licences

South Africa’s ICASA has cancelled 2,100 Amateur Radio licenses, believed to be more than 1/3rd of the total, for non-payment of licence fees

SARL News reports:

At the quarterly SARL/ICASA Liaison meeting held this week, ICASA confirmed that 2 100 amateur radio licenses were cancelled for non-payment of licence fees. Over the past few months, the League has reminded radio amateurs in news bulletins, newsflashes and on the web to ensure that their license payment are up to date. In December, last year the League sent e-mails to members who were in arrears and whose licenses were about to be cancelled. This week another 143 members were e-mailed again.

ICASA sends invoices at the beginning of each year but many do not reach their destination, often caused by licensees not updating their addresses. The regulations are clear that the responsibility to pay the annual fee is on the licensee and that ICASA is under no obligation to take responsibility for non-delivery of invoices.

To check if you license was cancelled call the League Office on 011 675 2393 between 09:00 and 12:00. If your licence was cancelled and you did make payment, please send copies of the payment to If ICASA was at fault, they will reinstate the license. In all other cases, radio amateurs will have to reapply for a license.

Source: SARL News