Teen radio ham to activate Iceland on inaugural dxpedition

14-year-old Mason Matrazzo KM4SII is taking advantage of the CEPT Novice amateur radio reciprocal licensing agreement to operate from Iceland

The ARRL reports he will be active as TF/KM4SII, March 13-19 on 40, 20, and 17 meters, SSB only. Mason, who will be operating with a portable setup, is calling it his “Buddistick™ DXpedition to Iceland.”

Mason holds the US General licence which is equivalent to the CEPT Novice and UK Intermediate.

Over the past 12 years countries across Europe as well as the United States have signed up to the CEPT Novice agreement.

In Iceland Novice amateur radio license holders are permitted to run 100 watts in all HF bands. A 2008 summary of Novice licence regulations in CEPT countries can be found at

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CEPT Novice Radio Amateur Licence