Hambone College – Microcontrollers 101 – Restart coming soon.

After a bit of cleaning, and a lot of working and a schedule that didn’t stop for summer (and very long hot weekends working my tail off), I am looking forward to a restart of the class.. but I have to shoot for a weekday for it to work.. Wednesday nights might work best for me, but I may be able to arrange Tuesday or Thursday without major issues.. Depending on when people work, I could even arrange for a daytime class if needed..

After a test of the new theory of the class, and time to put other ideas together.. I am ready to proceed with the new format. The Student must have a laptop with WiFi, Arduino (w/USB), breadboard, connecting wires (more than 10), VOM (Volt Ohm Meter) and power supply (wall wart, 9V or something portable). Likely to need a soldering iron and basic desoldering equipment (or ask another to do it, but watch and learn..)

We will learn Binary/Assembler, Disassembly, Assembly and debugging. We will work through the theory of the bootloader code, a “Hello World” application, blinking LEDs, Traffic Light program, Alarm Panel with a motion detector, Long distance 2-wire network communication (talk and receive to/from all). I am adding an Octopus testing circuit based with the arduino directly for component testing and identification. We will learn how to talk to LCD Displays using Serial, 4-wire and 8-wire methods. We will learn to read temperatures from sensors using Analog In and I2C methods. We will program an ATTiny85 (8-pin DIP to run an 8×32 LED Matrix Display) and if I’m lucky, Video out.

We will see how video game systems operate, and discuss time-based mechanisms and solutions, and the state of older technology today. We will understand the importance of Digital and Analog working together, and see it in action. After this course, I expect the students of this class will have a better understanding of microcontrollers, how they can be used, tested, programmed and disassembled. I hope to understand RISC/AVR programming better soon enough for the course as well..

I will be selling a small package of parts including a ATTiny85, ATTiny4313, MAX485, MAX232, Alarm Panel, Alarm Sensor and some other parts I hope to provide.

At this time, I am looking for those interested in the next class. For those at my last one this year, I will be starting the same beginning as before, but I plan to finish it properly.

IF you are interested, send an email to contact@dbara.org, and let me know phone or cell (let me know which), times when I can call, if I can text, what days you’d like the class (Tues, Wed or Thur), and what time you would prefer (6pm-8pm, 1p-3p or 10a-1p).. Currently considering Wednesday starting at 6pm.

Jeff Mathews (AJ4MQ)

UPDATE: If you haven’t purchased an Arduino UNO yet, consider getting an alternative version, the OSOYOO Mega2560 R3. Sells for $12 on Amazon Prime, and works great with Arduino Shields. Entire class expected to work with Arduino Uno, so don’t worry if you already have one.