Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless v1.1 Finally in stock!

For those who have taken my attempts at Microcontroller classes will be happy to know the last step of the class has finally arrived, and can be purchased finally.. The Raspberry Pi Zero v1.1 with Wireless!

This unit costs only $10 and has the power of a small computer. Using Linux (Raspbian Jessie) with Pixel, you can have a simiar-to windows-like interface. Using Python, you can start programming quickly. with 40 IO pins, (28 usable, maybe more), you can interface any older project easily.

Unit has a MiniHDMI connector, MicroUSB for Power and for USB devices, a display (TV) connector, and a MicroSD card slot capable of at least 64GB cards, NOOBS works fine.

This card is literally less than half of a credit card in size, and nearly as thick.

Projects I hope to build with this soon (if I get any free time), includes FoxBox, Video Game Console, and Touch-Screen Kiosk. Looks to be compatible with the 7″ touch screen and appears to fit in the foldable unit for a portable touch-screen station..

If anyone is looking to buy one, get together and save on shipping… If I am around for the next DBARA meeting, I hope to bring it in.

UPDATE: Out of stock already. wow.