ZD7VDE DXpedition is on again!

September 18th, 2017 by

Bill, G0VDE, informs OPDX that his ZD7VDE DXpedition is back on.
He has waited over a year for the Island of St. Helena’s airport to start commercial fights back up again.

You may remember last year, Bill tried a few times to go to St. Helena, but the airport had issues with turbulence and windshear on approach to their runway.

Bill states [edited], “Well, they are finally starting on October 14th, and I am hoping to be on the first commercial flights to St. Helena after all!
I am planning to stay for one week for this trip, and will be operating SSB and some Data (maybe even FT8!).
As before, I am staying in self-catering accommodation a couple of miles from James- town, on a plateau above the town with a good take-off to the W, N and E.

“The radios I am planning to take are FT-991 and FT-891 and a Juma PA1000, with a vertical antenna and a variety of wires, dipoles and fiberglass supports.

“I have setup a Web site at: http://www.sthelenadx.com
My callsign should be ZD7VDE. Online log will be via ClubLog and QSLs via OQRS…. Please note that it is possible the flights may be delayed and I may travel later than 14th October – see my website for more information.”